Grilling with Rob Lewis: a Kick Ash Testimonial

Grilling with Rob Lewis: a Kick Ash Testimonial

We’re a community of grillers here at Kick Ash Basket. Our neighborhood of grilling buddies extends nationally and even internationally. We love hearing from our grillers to see how they’re shaking that ash and lighting that fire!

We interviewed Rob Lewis, one of our beloved customers, to share his honest experience with the Kick Ash Basket products. Our team is always looking for feedback, so it was great to hear what he had to say about the brand. We wanted to share his testimonial because Rob, just like you, has a genuine, interesting, and relatable grilling story.

Rob’s Grilling Story

Kick Ash Basket: First, we wanted to know a little about Rob’s grilling history. So we asked him about it!

Rob, how did you get into grilling?

Rob Lewis: “I guess I have a slight tendency towards pyromania. When I was a kid, I would make little wood-fired cookers out of empty juice cans. Then a new supermarket opened up in our neighborhood, and we won a charcoal grill in their raffle. I was in heaven! I used to bug my parents all the time to use it to grill things. I still remember our first rotisserie chicken.

My grilling obsession has only gotten worse (better) from there. At last count, I think I had 8 grills of all sizes and types. I mostly use the Big Green Egg, though. Lately I've gotten into sous vide cooking and often use the grill to finish off steaks, chops, and other proteins.”

Photo by Gabriel Garcia Marengo on Unsplash

KAB: Wood-fired cookers out of empty juice cans? That’s a “grate” story! For us, there’s nothing better than a childhood that smells like grill smoke and tastes like rotisserie chicken.

Rob’s obviously been grilling for a while, so he knows his stuff when it comes to grilling tools that make the job easier and more enjoyable. Why did he make the switch to the Kick Ash Basket products?

RL: “Before I found Kick Ash, I was using a lot of soap and water to get the grime off my hands after messing around with charcoal. I absolutely love charcoal grilling, but cleaning up took even longer than cooking! I’d been wishing for something like a basket that would make prep and cleanup a whole lot easier. I even proposed the idea of a basket to another company. They said, ‘Great idea, but somebody is already doing it!’

They pointed me to Kick Ash, and the rest is history. Now, I have pretty much everything from Kick Ash that fits the large Big Green Egg. I especially love the Grate Hook, and I've come up with some interesting uses for the Adjustable Divider.”

Rob has outfitted his Big Green Egg with Kick Ash enhancements to make the job easier, faster, and more enjoyable. Our grate hook makes it super easy to lift the cooking grate from the grill and hang it nearby, keeping your hands and grill-table free of grease and grime. The adjustable divider is a great way to do indirect and direct grilling at the same time, so you can keep different types of foods separate (especially if they have different cooking methods) while also saving time.

We still were curious to hear what Rob likes most about using the Kick Ash Basket and products.

RL: “That's easy. The Kick Ash products take all the hassle out of grilling, so now I actually grill more often. I used to be like, ‘Nah, too much hassle to fire it up.’ No more! It’s just as easy as other methods of cooking, if not easier. Plus, you can’t beat the taste!”

KAB: These sentiments are reiterated time and time again from our customers. They love grilling, but it’s often too time-consuming and messy. That’s why we created our basket in the first place— to address those specific concerns. We’re always thrilled to hear that our products are letting customers get their grill on more frequently, with less headache and a lot more fun. That’s our motto: all of the flavor, none of the labor.

Time is invaluable. Grilling is so much more than just the meal itself; it’s about the family, friends, and experience. Every time you fire up the grill, you’re creating a memory that will last a lifetime. Our products prioritize both the experience and the meal.

Here comes the question we typically are most curious about, and one we think you will care about, too.

Rob, would you recommend Kick Ash Basket to a friend?

RL: “Oh yeah, absolutely. I would definitely recommend the Kick Ash Basket to grillers. When my buddy got a new Egg, I immediately emailed him the Kick Ash Basket link and said, ‘You need this!’ He agrees. The more you grill, the more benefit you get from the product, so I think frequent grillers are the prime market for Kick Ash Basket products.”

KAB: Rob’s right. Frequent grillers are our frequent flyers, and we love inviting them into our community. We love when one of our fans gives a testimonial to a friend or someone at EGGFest, and the person they’re talking to is already a Kick Ash Basket enthusiast! Our neighborhood is far-reaching, with experienced grillers from all over.

If you’re new to grilling, we welcome you, too! In fact, we found that our Kick Ash Basket products encourage beginner grillers to keep grilling because it’s an easy, simple, and fun activity when our accessories are involved.

The Kick Ash Basket means you can dispose of ashes and get ready for your next cook in seconds; plus, it’s the safest way to clean up. You can even bring your portable Kick Ash Basket to tailgates and cookouts with you. (Most grillers start the hobby because they want to grill with their buddies— Kick Ash Basket products make grilling faster and simpler, so you can focus on the entertaining and bonding portions of the experience.)

We had one last question for Rob, and we think this one tells a lot about a person’s grilling style and personality.

What’s your favorite grilling recipe?

Photo by Bao Menglong on Unsplash

RL: “I actually won a prize for a recipe I call Mediterrasian Flank Steak. It’s sort of a combo of Middle Eastern and Asian seasoning. It's great, if I may say so!”

KAB: We want to try that recipe, Rob!

Psst… Did you know that we also sell rubs? Our Sweet Mama BBQ rubs have become fan-favorites!

Fire Up the Grill

We love that our products have made grilling easier and more fun for Rob so that he could find that renewed passion for grilling that he had as a child. Never lose that “spark”, Rob!

Are you a fan of the Kick Ash Basket and want to share your story with us? We’d love to hear your experience! Contact us and one of our grillers will get in touch to respond to your feedback, questions, or comments! We’d love to feature you in a testimonial!

Whether you’re new to grilling or a longtime pro, Kick Ash Basket products make it easy to prep, cook, and clean your charcoal grill. We believe in the power of food, the health of grilling, and the value of shared memories around the grill. If you’ve got the grilling heart, we know you’ll love our products. We live and breathe the Kick Ash Basket mission: quality products and customer service that feels like you’re talking to a friend.

Check out our products; we hope you’ll soon join our community of happy grillers!