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We want your visit to our online store to be the start of a great relationship. If you have any questions or concerns, our Kick Ash team is ready to help. Contact us and let us know how we can help make your next grilling experience totally Kick Ash! The following FAQs answer some of questions customers have about the Kick Ash family of products. Have a question or comment that isn't covered or about ordering or a shipment you've received?
Contact us and we'll get right on it!
What Type of Charcoal Should I Use in my Kick Ash Basket? faq arrow

We recommend natural lump charcoal. After each use, let the coals cool completely, then shake the basket over a trash can. The spacing between the rings in the Kick Ash Basket® allow small pieces of charcoal (~1/4” to 3/8”) to fall through, so they don’t block the airflow when you light the grill again. You’ll find it easier to start the next fire and reach the optimum temperature for grilling.

What grills do the Kick Ash Basket® fit?

faq arrow

There are currently 12 models of the Kick Ash Basket®. Choose your grill manufacturer and grill size from the following list:

Char-Griller AKORN® Kamado Charcoal Grill
Big Green Egg® : MiniMax, Small, Medium, Large and XL
Broil King Keg®
Grilla Grill
Grill Dome: Large
Kamado Joe® : Junior, Classic and Big Joe
Louisiana Kamado (Model K24)
Pit Boss
Primo® Kamado All-In-One
Saffire Grill
Vision™ Grill
Weber Grill®

Check your grill's dimensions and give it a go! If you have more questions about the size of the Kick Ash Basket, contact us!

Should I shake the Kick Ash Basket before every cook? faq arrow

Absolutely! You should always shake your ash before you light your fire. It just gets things going quicker and easier.

What do I do with all of my ash? faq arrow

You can save the ash and add it to your garden or spread it on your lawn. We save all the ash from our natural lump charcoal and add it to our garden whenever the ash bucket gets full. What do you guys do with your ash? Maybe you shake your ash on the front lawn. Let us know on our Kick Ash Facebook page.

Are there any coatings that can burn and affect my food? faq arrow

The Kick Ash Basket® is made of high quality stainless steel with no coatings such as zinc, nickel or high temperature paint.

How much charcoal can the Kick Ash Basket hold? faq arrow

Since your Kick Ash Basket® sits in the bottom of your grill, you can use the same amount of charcoal as you did before adding the basket. Simply overflow the basket when you top it off. Then you only need to worry about what is left over when you go to fire it up again.

Do you ship outside the U.S? faq arrow

Shipping outside the U.S. is expensive. We have teamed up with Dickson Barbeque Centre in Canada, Het Luxe Buitenleven in Europe and BBQ &l Smoke in the U.K. to meet our overseas customers' needs.
Or you can order directly from us. Use our Contact Us page and provide us with the shipping address and desired basket, and we'll let you know the shipping cost.

Can I find these in stores? faq arrow
What is the warranty or return policy? faq arrow

Our stainless steel Kick Ash Basket® line has a 3-year warranty and comes with a 90-day, no-questions-asked return policy-unless you've been a dumb ash and have run it over with your truck.

Do you have retailers/products available outside the US? faq arrow

Yes we do! Please check out a full list of our retailers here.

Which baskets fit which grill? faq arrow

I'm sure you already checked out our Shop By Grill section of the website, so if you didn't find your info there, shoot me an email at!

Are you interested in helping with my charity/auction/giveaway/raffle? faq arrow

Please send me an email at with more information about the cause you are supporting and how we might be able to help!

Do you need a brand ambassador? faq arrow

This isn't something we're looking for at this time, but feel free to share pictures and videos of you using our stuff and tag us so we can share it to our socials!

My order was messed up/is now broken after limited use, anything we can do? faq arrow

Please send me an email at! with a picture of the products received/broken along with a brief explanation and we'll see if we can help!

Do you have any promotions going on right now? faq arrow

Please sign up for our email newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to find out more about when we run promotions!

What countries do you ship outside the US? faq arrow

Select the round flag icon in the bottom right of our website to see the list of countries that are available from Zonos shipping application. 

Can you provide a Kick Ash Basket for a grill that is not listed on your website? faq arrow

if you could provide the following information we can check if any of our existing products fit your grill:  1. Diameter of lower charcoal Grate. 2. Internal diameter of the fire bowl about 5" above the lower charcoal grate. 

Do you have a basket for Joe Junior Can? faq arrow

We are getting a few requests for a Joe Junior can and actually have it in the works. Hopefully they will be here by the first of April 2021. Please stay tuned! (we can delete this one once we get these cans)

Do you have a specific Basket and Can for the 2XL BGE? faq arrow

We don't have a specific Basket and Can for the 2XL. However, we did discover that our XL Can fits perfect in the Newest Model 2XL BGE and the XL KAB fits good with some room around the perimeter. Still great for the majority of your cooking. 
Here are a couple pictures in the newest version of the 2XL BGE.

Do you have the Half Basket available for Primo Oval XL ? faq arrow

After the first run of Half Baskets and the lessons learned, we discontinued the half basket model back in early 2017 and are now exclusively offering the full oval in stainless steel with a 3 year warranty. This model also has an option for an adjustable charcoal divider as well. The divider can be placed anywhere from about the 1/3 load position to the 2/3 load position.
One of the key things learned was that the left side basket over the bottom intake air would hog all the oxygen from the right side during long cooks and the right side would just go out. That is the biggest reason for going to the full oval with the divider option.....and now they are made from stainless steel.
Hope that makes sense and answers your question. Here is the link for the full size basket.

Do you have the Kick Ash Basket for PK360? faq arrow

The PK360 basket that we had was the same overall dimensions as the current one but the corners were different and would not fit in the Original PK. Our current basket does fit nicely in the PK 360 and a lot of guys like that. It keeps the charcoal away from the edges of the aluminum casting. Overall we have had a great response for this size basket with its adjustable divider for the PK 360.

Do you have the Kick Ash Basket for Charbroil Kamander - Akorn? faq arrow

Our KAB-CJ-SS is the one that fits best in the Charbroil Kamander. Check it out here.

Do you have the basket for the K24 Grill? faq arrow

Our KAB-VB is the basket that fits best in the K24 Grill. It will have about a 1" gap around the perimeter but it definitely holds enough charcoal for regular cooks and if you are doing a longer burn, just overfill the basket like it's not even there.

Do you have military and veterans discounts? faq arrow

Please send an email to! and tell us a little about your service to our Kick Ash Country. 

Do you have a Small Kick Ash Can for the Small Big Green Egg? faq arrow

We are working on it and hope to have a Small BGE version available in May 2021.

Do you have a divider for Vision VB Basket? faq arrow

Our KAB-DL Divider works the best in the KAB-VB Basket. It is a little narrow for this larger basket but works great to effectively hold a pile of charcoal off to the side.

How do I register a product to be eligible for a warranty? faq arrow

If you ordered from us then we have you covered. If you got it from a store and want to log it in, please visit this link on our website and enter your product information.

Do you have the Ring of Fire for Summit? faq arrow

We found out that our KAB-W18 with Divider Combo fits great in the Summit. Check the pictures here.
What we did with this design for the Weber Folks in order to keep the cost down, is made it to be used with the standard Weber Charcoal Grate from a Weber 18" Grill. This Ring of Fire, as we call it, was designed for the Weber 18 and Weber Smokey Joe...... and we discovered that it also fits great in the Summit.

Why a Kick Ash Basket and Kick Ash Can? faq arrow

I created the basket after looking for a quicker and easier way to clean out my grill and cook for my family 3 to 5 times per week. Our product isn't for everyone. However, virtually everyone who has bought one says they love it and can't believe they used their ceramic grill without it.
Now with the Kick Ash Can, you just shake the ash in the bottom of the grill, lift out the can and empty the cold ash, then replace the can and basket. Then you are ready to light the fire.

Do you sell your products on Amazon? faq arrow

We only sell the Kick Ash Can through our website and through select stores.

Short story.... After putting out Kick Ash Basket on Amazon back in 2016, we had copies show up from China in about 3 months and we have been defending our Original Kick Ash Basket ever since. We were the pioneers of the Charcoal Basket solution to solve a problem that all kamado grillers faced and it was so frustrating to just see copies and knockoffs show up for our patented product. Now with our new patented Kick Ash Can, we decided to keep it off from Amazon so that we can protect our product, company and brand as long as possible. It's the Wild West on Amazon with copies all over the place and personally as a family, we try to buy direct from small businesses if at all possible. Thanks for supporting our small family business and for helping us Keep America Grilling!

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