6 Happy Holiday Christmas Dinner Ideas

6 Happy Holiday Christmas Dinner Ideas

It’s the holiday season, and whether or not you celebrate Christmas, Yule, Hanukkah, or any other holiday, there’s a good chance your family has some Kick Ash traditions. For most of us, that means gathering around a food-filled table surrounded by loved ones, chatting about the past year and the year ahead.

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Now, if you’re only here for additional grill-tastic holiday dinner ideas, we’ve got you covered. From the traditional to the slightly more off-beat, here are some of our favorite Christmas dinner ideas for your happy ho-ho-holiday!


Table of Contents:

  • Grilled Rotisserie Turkey with Fresh Veggies and Stuffing

  • Grilled Carp with Potato Salad and Christmas Biscuits

  • Grilled Venison with Candied Carrots and Baked Beans

  • Grilled Lobster Tail with Cole Slaw and Macaroni and Cheese

  • Grilled Goose with Red Currant Jelly and Parsnips

  • Grilled Vegetable Lasagna with Winter Veggie Salad


Photo by Amanda Lim on Unsplash

Grilled Rotisserie Turkey with Fresh Veggies and Stuffing


We chose this meal first because it’s as traditional as they come. Families all over the world celebrate Christmas with a turkey, fresh veggies, and some homemade stuffing. Cranberry sauce is a great addition, and grilled Brussels sprouts will be a crowd pleaser as an additional side. Of course, everyone will be expecting the dressing—try this recipe for buttery herb stuffing.


Roasted meats are an international Christmas tradition, but we like the idea of preparing your turkey on the grill. It’s a no-fuss way to cook a bird as lovely and deserving as the turkey, and you’ll leave the oven free for other treats your family will gobble up—pun (always) intended. Finish your evening with a scrumptious smoked apple pie or even some chocolate marshmallow bananas for something a little different.

Grilled Carp with Potato Salad and Christmas Biscuits


Want to give your Christmas dinner an International twist this year? Why not celebrate like they do in the Czech Republic and grill up a little fish for supper? We think this is a Kick Ash way to try something new—it’s easy and quick to grill, carp is available year round, and you can season your grilled carp any way you like. Try some Shake That Herb BBQ Rub on your fish to liven up the dish.


Traditionally, the Czechs pair their carp with potato salad, but if that’s too bold for you, toss a couple potatoes on the grill with your fish. For dessert, bake up these traditional Christmas biscuits.

Grilled Venison with Candied Carrots and Baked Beans


Deer hunting season falls around Thanksgiving for many of us in the United States. Most of you hunters freeze your harvest to last throughout the year, but if you’ve got an abundance, some grilled venison steaks are the perfect main course for your Christmas dinner.


Venison has a gamey, even earthy, flavor; so you’re going to want to pair it with a bit of Kick Ash sweetness. We love candied carrots, which can be cooked on the grill or in the kitchen. Baked beans have a texture that compliments your venison, and your loved ones will love baked beans you create from scratch. Cook them on the grill alongside your deer using a Kick Ash Adjustable Divider for perfect temperature control.

Grilled Lobster Tail with Cole Slaw and Macaroni and Cheese


If you’re feelin’ fancy this year, you can treat your family to some grilled lobster tail for Christmas dinner. We’ve included the recipe for this seafood dish in our Kick Ash Christmas menu, so be sure to download it now, just in time for Christmas.


Boxed macaroni and cheese can be as fancy as you’d like it to be—shoot, it can even be packed with vegetables—but if you’re looking to skip the boxed stuff, try this recipe using fresh gruyere and white cheddar. The leftovers make for some fantastic lobster mac, so be sure to prepare extra. Apple almond and cranberry cole slaw is another Kick Ash compliment to your dish, and goes great on lobster rolls the day after Christmas (or even for a midnight snack)!

Grilled Goose with Red Currant Jelly and Parsnips


Celebrate Christmas like they do in the UK by grilling up some goose for an unusual twist on the standard turkey. Goose is best when simply seasoned—either of the rubs in our Shake That dry rubs duo will work just fine. Serve your goose with some red currant jelly—you can make it yourself or buy it online.


On the side, serve up some grilled root veggies. Parsnips are traditional UK fare, but if you’d prefer something different you can choose sweet potatoes, turnips, beets, or even carrots. Goose pairs well with riesling and pinot noir, but if you’re feeling particularly British, pour a Black and Tan with your favorite stout and pale ale.

Photo by Paul Pan on Unsplash

Grilled Vegetable Lasagna with Winter Veggie Salad


There’s no law saying you need to grill up meat for Christmas dinner. Vegetarians or those of you who just love a lighter meal will adore this smoky and savory grilled vegetable lasagna. Use Whiskey Barrel Smoking Wood for an extra kick of flavor.

Very little goes better with a hearty lasagna than a fresh salad, so take a few ideas from the team at Hungry Healthy Happy and dish out a serving of roasted vegetable winter salad for your lovies. Grill up a few ears of corn and brush with some herbed compound butter.


Lasagna is best served with a nice glass of white wine, but if you’re feeling festive, follow the recipe for Christmas Martinis in our Kick Ash Christmas menu. For those of you who are abstaining this year, we’ve also included an Ash Kickin’ Virgin Amaretto Sour. Even the teens will love it.

Have a Kick Ash Christmas!

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From our family to yours, have a safe and joyful Kick Ash Christmas and holiday season!