6 Best Grill Tools Every Aspiring Grill Master Needs to Have

6 Best Grill Tools Every Aspiring Grill Master Needs to Have

Not everyone can claim the title of Grill Master. Sure, you may aspire to be the baroness of burgers or the sultan of steaks. But if you’re not flippin’ with the right tools, you might as well put the thermometer away and order takeout. 

We at Kick Ash Basket believe that the food you serve up is only as good as the tools you use to create it. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the 6 best grill tools for 2021 that every bbq artist should have on hand. Ready to stock your backyard kitchen? Here are the gizmos and utensils you’ll need to create a chargrilled masterpiece. 


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Table of Contents:

  • A Quality Grill Lighter
  • A Convenient Clean
  • A Chimney Starter
  • Heat-Resistant Gloves
  • An Accurate Thermometer
  • A Kick Ash Basket 
  1. A Quality Grill Lighter

You’re not going to have much success earning the title of Grill Master if you can’t get your charcoal lit in the first place. That’s why it’s so important to have a quality grill lighter on hand. Those candle lighters they sell at big box stores and try to pass off as grill lighters won’t cut it. This barbecue season, bring out the big boy. 


The JJ George Grill Torch is the tool for the job. This torch attaches to any standard (14 ounce) propane canister and is designed to get your grill heating up in no time. The grill torch doesn’t require air, so that means a minimal risk of sparks. Plus, this torch will just make you look cool while you get your grill ready to roll. 


  1. A Convenient Clean


So much can go wrong when your grill isn’t spic and span. A dirty grill can attract rodents, rust more easily, flare up while you’re cooking and can even grow mold and mildew. Of course, grime left on your grates will make any cook taste bad, too. 


True Grill Masters know: you can’t cook a chop to perfection without first properly cleaning your grill. Your brush should be made with thick, strong bristles that won’t fall out while you scrub. The best grill scraper tool will be made of a quality wood, like our Juniper BBQ Scraper, never plastic


For best results, clean your grill after you use it, not before. The grates will be easier to clean when the grease and grime is fresh, and you’ll have less work to do the next time you fire her up. 



  1. A Chimney Starter

The typical backyard barbecue beginner might not be familiar with the magical grill tool called the chimney starter. But the experienced grill chegs know that these little metal structures can serve a dual purpose. First, chimneys make it beyond easy to start your charcoal without lighter fluid. This helps protect the flavor of your food, and it’s more eco-friendly


Furthermore, a grill chimney starter allows you to better control the heat on your grill. By concentrating your charcoal at one location on your grill, you grant yourself a hot spot for those foods that need a little more sizzle. 


The size of the chimney starter you buy will depend on what you’ll use it for. As a rule of thumb, try to find a chimney that’s big enough to hold all the charcoal you’ll need. If you can’t find one quite large enough, these tools are efficient enough that you can relight another chimney-full in a jiffy. 


  1. Heat-Resistant Gloves


The heat-resistant gloves you use for grilling are much different than your Aunt Betty’s oven mitts. A good pair of grilling gloves will protect you from temperatures of over 900 degrees. Our Kick Ash Basket Heat Resistant Gloves are rated for temperatures up to 932 degrees F, so you can grill safely while still moving about with a full range of motion. 


Remember that even the best gloves aren’t usually designed for extended use, but instead are best for quick grabs. It’s also best not to use heat-resistant gloves when they’re wet. Choose a pair that’s “grippy” and will let you hold on to your spatula, grill grate, or whatever else you’re grabbing. Safety first!


  1. An Accurate Thermometer


You can grill up the best chicken wings your side of the Mississippi, but if those cluckers aren’t cooked through, the Grill Master title can’t belong to you. Not only do you risk your reputation in the neighborhood (or even the industry), you also risk getting your family members and guests seriously ill. 


Your thermometer should accurately and quickly measure the internal temperature of your grilled goodies. By inserting a probe into your meat, you’ll get an instant readout of whether your food is done. The fancier thermometers sync up to your phone, letting you check your meal’s progress from the next room over. 


  1. A Kick Ash Basket


Of course, to complete the Grill Master’s best grill tools set, you’ll need a Kick Ash Basket! There’s no better way to create a clean, smoky, and perfect meal every time than with our own charcoal baskets. 


A Kick Ash Basket will help to aerate your charcoal and provide the temperature control you need to barbecue the right way, without fail. Plus, your basket helps you clean up the grill in a snap, leaving it ready to light, night after night. 


We have a Kick Ash Basket to fit just about every grill size, and you can easily shop by grill and order online. Our baskets make great gifts, too, especially when you include a sampling of our favorite smoking wood and BBQ rubs.  


Earning the Grill Master Title


No matter how experienced you are behind the grill, you’re only as good at cooking as the tools your last cook. The tools outlined herein won’t only make the job easier for you, but they’ll put any grill chef, at any level of experience, in a prime position to wow their guests. Every aspiring Grill Master should have these six tools at the ready at every backyard barbecue, tailgate, celebration, competition, etc. Basically, keep them on hand, and you can claim the coveted title this grilling season.