Grilling Gifts Guide For the Grill Master in Your Life

Grilling Gifts Guide For the Grill Master in Your Life

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for the grill master in your life? Or maybe Santa wants to know what kinds of tools and gadgets you’ve been longing for? We’re making gifting to grillers so much easier this holiday season with our guide to grilling goodies that every grill master will love unwrapping. Take a look at the hot 2020 gifts for every grilling need:

Take a look at the hot 2020 gifts for every grilling need:

  • Upgrade their charcoal game... Rockwood charcoal
  • Upgrade their kamado-style grill… Adjustable Rig from The Ceramic Store
  • Instantly transform their grill top… Smokeware grill grates
  • Make grilling way more convenient and fun: Kick Ash Basket
  • Cleanup way, way easier: Kick Ash Can
  • Make cleaning safe, sustainable, and natural… Juniper Scraper
  • Make cleaning safe, sustainable, and natural… Juniper Scraper
  • Surprise them with something special… JJGeorge Grill Table
  • Thrill your gadget-happy griller… Smoke X Long-Range Remote BBQ Alarm Thermometer
  • For the “set it and forget it” recipient… Flame Boss 500
  • Stuff their stocking… Smokeware grill light
  • Even more stocking stuffers… Rubs and spices
  • If you’re into subscriptions… Butcher Box
  • Customize it… Custom BGE handles

If they’re looking to upgrade their charcoal game: Rockwood Charcoal

For a grill aficionado, there’s nothing better than getting coal in your stocking! If your recipient is an avid charcoal griller, they will love receiving high-quality Natural Rockwood charcoal in their grill gift set. Natural Rockwood is the best charcoal you can get. This high-quality charcoal is environmentally responsible from production to burning to disposal, and even its bags and ashes can be composted.

Lump charcoal burns clean, so you don’t need chemicals to achieve a consistent grill heat. It also produces a lot less ash and won’t clog the smoker. We particularly love Rockwood because they have stringent control over their supply line, creating greater consistency in the lumps, more smooth and standardized burns, and a long-lasting burn time.

If you’re looking to give your charcoal griller something they’ll definitely use and adore—and that’s good for the environment—Rockwood charcoal is a no-brainer for the best charcoal on the market. Learn more about why we prefer Rockwood charcoal here .

Oh, and don’t forget the charcoal prep gloves to keep your griller clean and safe when dealing with charcoal. These gloves are an easy stocking stuffer that can dramatically improve grilling for pros and amateurs alike.

If they’re looking to upgrade their kamado-style grill: Adjustable Rig

We use this Adjustable Rig in my Big Green Egg all the time. This adjustable rig has become a must-have grilling tool in our book, so we know your recipient will love it.

Using this tool is the best way to double or triple the space of your grill, especially when smoking meats like briskets, pork butts, or baby-backs. This R&B combo allows for raised grids, multiple grids, direct grilling, and indirect smoking with the greatest convenience and capacity. The rig sits directly on the BGE’s fire ring or grid, while the attachments keep heat moving evenly while protecting the “ends” of your meat.

What we also love is that you can easily lift the rig out (with heat resistant gloves on) if you need to access your charcoal or Kick Ash Basket. Plus, this Adjustable Rig by The Ceramic Store allows for a smooth transition between indirect and direct cooking for an all-over rack system that’s hard to beat.

Photo by Emerson Vieira on Unsplash

After a while, grill grates can get a little nasty. Even the most dedicated cleaners will find a buildup of grease and gunk on their grates that can feel darn near impossible to get rid of. A stainless steel grill grate can make a grill feel like new again—and your griller will love you for giving them the gift of gorgeous, clean, gunk-less grates. We love Smokeware’s grill grates because they’re made from a heavy-duty stainless steel that’s easy to clean and has a long lifespan.

If they’re looking for a grill top that adds flavor and perfect sear marks, you can also check out GrillGrates through Ceramic Grill Store. Promising a unique searing experience, GrillGrates have raised rails with air-flow valleys that allow for more even, consistent heat while also preventing flare-ups. This design also “catches” the juices and drippings (which would usually fall to the bottom of your grill), allowing for more flavor and juicier food. That’s a win in our book! The heat is concentrated on the raised reals, allowing for gorgeous sear marks each and every time. Plus, it’s made of hard anodized aluminum, allowing for fast and even heating without rusting.

If they want grilling to be way more convenient and fun: Kick Ash Basket

The recipient will love you a million times more for giving them a Kick Ash Basket . The convenience of a Kick Ash Basket begins right away when they slip their Basket into the grill and load it up with charcoal. The advanced aeration design ensures the coals are clear of debris and can “breathe” fully for the cleanest and longest burn. Thanks to the design and available Basket dividers , your griller will have total control over temperature and two-zone cooking, creating a consistent and even cook every time.

When they're done, all they have to do is lift the Basket up, shake out the ash, and get on with cooking or cleaning. It’s that easy. Don’t believe us? Read what FoodFireFriends has to say about the Kick Ash Basket .

The Kick Ash Basket fits perfectly into most charcoal grills (just make sure you get the right size for the recipient’s grill). Plus, they’re made of electropolished stainless steel so they endure through repeated, heavy uses.

The Kick Ash Basket makes your cook so much easier, makes dealing with charcoal a whole lot safer, and makes cleaning up a whole lot faster. Learn more about the benefits of the Basket and where we got our start here.

If they’re looking to make cleanup way, way easier: Kick Ash Can

The perfect duo of grilling gifts is the Kick Ash Basket paired with the Kick Ash Can . This Kick Ash Can sits underneath the Kick Ash Basket to collect any fallen or shaken-out charcoal ashes. It enables the disposal of ashes to be way cleaner, safer, and quicker, so the griller can get back to eating, hanging out, and spending time with their family.

If you’re gifting a Kick Ash Basket or your recipient already has a Basket, a Kick Ash Can is an easy upgrade that will double the uses and benefits of the KAB.

If they’re looking to make cleaning safe, sustainable, and natural: Juniper Scraper

Unfortunately, we’ve heard stories of grillers and their families finding wire bristles in their food, and some have even ingested those wires. Not good! The Juniper Scraper is a safe, natural, clean, and sustainable alternative that makes after-grillin’ cleaning easy and safe.

The Juniper Scraper uses the grooves of the wood scraper to clean the grill, rather than wire bristles like typical grill brushes. The scraper is not only safer, but also incredibly easy to use and gets the job done with minimal elbow grease. Plus, Canadian juniper is heat-resistant and noted for its rot resistance, durability, strength, and ability to neutralize bacteria, making it one of the safest and easiest ways to clean your grill grates.

Juniper Scraper also sells other unique and sustainable wood goods, like wine caddies and bottle openers. Check them out here.

If they’re looking to add more fun to grilling: Grill Torch Charcoal Starter

Who doesn’t want to get a blowtorch for Christmas?! One of the most fun (and easiest) ways to light a charcoal grill is with a grill torch. This JJGeorge Grill Torch lets you light the grill up to 20” away while keeping the canister upright. This torch also has a self-ignition and doesn’t require air, which allows for one of the safest lighting methods available. The flame is adjustable up to 1300 degrees Celsius for instant lighting.

This cordless grill torch is a simple way to light the grill, but it’s also great for lighting fire pits, killing weeds, melting ice, sealing driveway cracks, and more. Your gift recipient will think this is the coolest (and hottest) gift they’ll get all season—or maybe even ever.

Note: Propane or MAP gas canister not included. Pick one up at Walmart or a hardware store for a few dollars, so they can start using their torch for your grilled holiday meal.

If you’re looking to surprise them with something special: JJGeorge Grill Table

Another awesome product by JJGeorge is a grill table for your kamado-style grill . This stunning red cedar table not only adds a gorgeous aesthetic to any backyard décor, but also provides a lot of prep, cook, and storage space for your grill accessories. It’s finished with spar-urethane for enduring durability, and it has industrial-size locking swivel wheels so it’s portable and storable. If you’re looking to splurge on a griller who really deserves something special, a stunning JJGeorge Grill Table is 100% worth it.

If you want to thrill your gadget-happy griller: Smoke X Long-Range Remote BBQ Alarm Thermometer

Grilling and gadgets are a match made in heaven. We particularly love gadgets that make grillin’ simple and streamlined. This Smoke X long-range remote BBQ alarm thermometer by ThermoWorks is one of the best meat thermometers we’ve come across. Using commercial-grade probes, you can easily monitor your pit temperature and internal meat temperatures, even with a dual cooking zone.

Each probe has high-temp silicone color bands, so you can quickly identify which probe is which, and with two or four channels, you can cook a feast all at once. Best yet, it transmits remotely up to 6,500 feet line-of-sight, so you can keep it by the pool or in the house and still always know the temp of your grill and food. With other practical design elements like slash-proof materials, color options, strong stay-in-place magnets, a backlit dashboard, and Billow fan compatibility, this is a high-end gift that every griller will love.

If this seems like more than they need (or it’s out of your price range), check out the Classic Super-Fast Thermapen. With 2-3 second readings and impeccable accuracy, this internal thermometer will ensure cooking safety and speed.

If they’re looking for ultra temperature control: Flame Boss 500

Another amazing remote temperature control gadget that we use all the time is the Flame Boss 500 Kamado. Not only is Flame Boss an incredible company, but this product in particular is a go-to for the smoking process--particularly for brisket!

This Wi-Fi smoker controller lets you “set it and forget it,” resulting in gorgeously tender, juicy meat without having to constantly watch the cook. The 500 option has a large LCD display that monitors up to three internal meat temperatures with a 6-foot cable connected to the controller. This uses a variable speed blower to create the most precise temperature control, so you don’t have to spend hours over your kamado smoker. If your recipient loves to slow-cook meat (and who doesn’t?), this Flame Boss 500 is a gift they will use and adore for years to come.

If you’re looking to stuff their stockings: Smokeware grill light

Stuff their stocking with something that will keep the grilling party going all night long. A Smokeware grill light makes grilling in even the coldest, darkest winter evenings a safe and simple event. This light illuminates the grill surface so the griller can see where the meat is and when it’s done, all while preventing burns and accidents.

Although there are a lot of grill lights on the market, we particularly like Smokeware grill lights because they use LED light bulbs, they easily mount right to the grill light, they’re battery-powered (no cords), and they’re made with attractive black-coated steel.

If you’re looking for even more stocking stuffers: Rubs and spices

Next up are more stocking stuffers that everyone in the family is sure to love… rubs and seasonings! Consider gifting an array of new spices, whether it’s something Cajun and cool or a sweet and spicy treat. Lane’s BBQ is our go-to for our rubs and spices. They offer gift sets, like their Steak Me Home pack or Core 4 Rub pack , but they also offer hundreds of other rubs and sauces for you to mix and match. We also like that they have a list of the most popular seasonings for each type of meat at the bottom of the shop page , so you can find the flavor that will best match with your gift basket theme and the recipient’s favorite protein to grill. Our Sweet Mama rubs are a fan-favorite too; whether you go for the Original or the Bold , you’ll love the zing and zest they add to your traditional go-to mealtime favorites.

Want another cool idea? Give them a few beers that pair well with their BBQ , particularly those that go well with the rubs and seasonings you also put in their stocking. A few seasonings, spices, and brews is the perfect grill gift set that any grill master will love Santa for.

If they’re into subscriptions: Butcher Box

Quality meat can get expensive. If you want to give the gift of scrumptious food, consider gifting a subscription to Butcher Box. Butcher Box sends grass-fed beef, free-range organic chicken, wild-caught seafood, and heritage-breed pork right to your door in a cold box, and plus, the griller can mix and match the meat they’ll receive each month. Plus, it will make their life way easier since they’ll have meat right in their freezer and they don’t have to battle the grocery store crowds. (Although fresh meat is usually preferred, reverse searing a frozen steak is one of the most delectable ways to get a juicy, tender bite.)

You can also talk to the butcher in town to see if they offer gift certificates or rewards programs so that you can support a local business while giving to your loved one. Every griller will love having some extra dough to splurge on quality cuts from their favorite butcher.

If you want to give something customized: Custom BGE handles

Want something customized and personal for your holiday gift? JJGeorge sells custom Big Green Egg handles with logos, names, artwork, or images so that you can gift a one-of-a-kind custom grill handle to the griller in your life. The handle is easy to attach, and it will be a unique and special touch for their grill. Give them something practical like a Big Green Egg Kick Ash Basket, and pair it with something sentimental like a custom handle that they’re sure to love. This is one of our favorite grilling gifts for dad because it’s both personal and thoughtful, while also a super practical tool for the guy who likes to get things done.

What gifts are you getting the grillers in your life? Have any suggestions? Let us know —we’re always looking for great gift ideas for the friends, family, and grillers in our lives.