Top Gifts for the Griller in Your Life

Top Gifts for the Griller in Your Life

Don’t reinvent the gift. If a birthday, holiday, or Father’s Day is coming up, grab them something that you know that they’ll use. If you’ve got a griller in your life, then we’ve got a list of the best gifts for grillers that are sure to be winners.

Finding the best grilling presents can be difficult. After all, you aren’t sure what they’re going to want to use. So we’ve done our best to give you some options on this list so that you’re sure to find something that is perfect.

Essentials for the Grill

...A Grill

If you’ve got a pro griller who is working off of a rusty old thing, it might be time to buy them a new grill as an upgrade. There are tons of great grill options, like allowing your griller to throw an EggFest with a Big Green Egg.


The griller in your life may already have a grill (the main event) but they could often use other gifts for grillers. Gear can be a great thing to snag. If you aren’t sure what kind of gear they might be able to use, check out our great list of accessories for individual grills. You can simply figure out what kind of grill you have and shop for gear that is specifically made for that grill.

All different kinds of meat have different temperatures that they should be cooked to in order be safe to consume. Recognizing when meats have reached those temperatures can be difficult at times. If you’re considering some great gifts for grillers, a high-quality meat thermometer is something that you can consider. A good thermometer allows a chef to really push the limits with the various kinds of meat that they are cooking. You can get things cooked to perfection without undercooking them, and you can prevent overcooking and wasting food ever again. Another helpful tool is this temperature controller, which allows you to regulate your grill heat more easily.

If you’re good friends with the griller in your life, you can decide what you should buy them by simply figuring out what their worst piece of equipment is and replacing that with something better. Pay attention to the whole process next time they grill. Sometimes the best gift for a griller is not something that they don’t already have, it’s simply a better version of something that they already use. Find a piece of equipment that they are using and then replace that equipment with a much nicer version of it.

Awesome Charcoal

Grillers like a variety of gifts. If you’ve got a griller on your hands who is intensely practical, then you might want to consider investing in charcoal for them. While it isn’t the most interesting gift you could get, some grillers don’t use their grill as often as they might because they don’t want to pay for the charcoal. Charcoal costs can be annoying, even if they aren’t expensive! Lifting this barrier to entry might free your griller up for more fun summer days.

Gifts for Dad

Goofy Apron

Any dad who loves grilling needs some sort of goofy apron to wear when it is cookout time. You know the ones. These are the “kiss the chef” aprons, the “stand back” aprons, and the aprons with pictures of bacon. Find something goofy and make it an iconic piece of dad’s wardrobe.

All-Weather Grill Clothing

If you’ve noticed dad struggling out in the cold weather, trying to produce some delicious food without the right kind of winter protection, invest in some great cold weather clothing. Grilling all winter is possible, but it takes the right kind of clothing to make it happen. If dad needs a new beanie or grilling gloves, now is the time to invest and pair with some other grill-based items.

Tailgating Gear

If dad loves to grill and his favorite place to grill is the tailgate before a big game, then grabbing some awesome tailgating gear can be a great way to get him psyched for sports seasons. If you’re going to grab some tailgating gear for a gift for dad, you can also pair it with some great sports memorabilia for his favorite teams. Plus, to bring the whole gift together, toss the items into a brand new ice chest and put in some packing peanuts to simulate ice!


Grill-scaping is just landscaping around the grill. If dad loves grilling but the grill isn’t in a place of prominence, then you could invest in a nicer yard-space for dad to really get creative over the open flame. It might be patio furniture, a new deck, or lovely lights to keep the party going even when it gets dark. While grill-scaping can be a bit more expensive than grabbing dad a tie with meat on it, it can really help bring your backyard together.

Grilling Fashion

Father’s Day ties and birthday ties are a staple of gifts for dad. They were unironic in the 1960s, then they became ironic, and now they’re back to being uniornic. If you can find a really cool tie that is covered in bacon, tiny barbecues, or something else grill related — snag it.

Additionally, visors make great gifts for any dads who love to grill. While you might not think about visors being great gifts, they are associated with grilling for the way that they can keep the sun out of your face, but also because they are open on the top and help keep you cool.

Photo by Mae Mu on Unsplash

Buying Great Food for a Great Griller

One thing that every griller loves is the right kind of food. If you know some foods or spices that the griller in your life loves, but doesn’t buy very often because they are a bit expensive or hard to get, this is a perfect chance to score. Plus, most grillers love sharing their creations, so you might get some great food out of the situation.


While giving away meat seems like a bit of a weird thing to do, you could always invest in a mini ice-chest and grab them some fancy seafood or steaks that you know are going to make them happy. Pulling a tiny ice chest out of some paper and bows can be a great gag as well! If you’d like to buy some meat as a present, check out our guide to cuts of beef that might help you make some critical decisions.


A more practical food-based option would be to grab the grilling fan in your life some quality rubs, spices, and oils that they can use for grilling. They won’t have to be refrigerated and can make for an adorable little gift basket. Check out our great selection of rubs for some interesting options to inspire the griller in your life.

Plating and Utensils

Okay it’s not quite food, but the griller in your life is going to need the perfect plate or slab of wood to drop that perfectly cooked beef brisket onto! If you need some quality gifts for grillers, plating and utensils can be perfect. Many grillers are really caught up in the ways that they can buy the perfect new gear and technical aspects of grilling. They might be less concerned with plating and presentation, which you can help out with.

Firing Up a Plan

Whether you keep it low key with some grilling accessories for dad or go all out with a grill, we are sure your favorite griller will love your gift. We wish you luck with your shopping, and hope you serve up something good!