6 Romantic Grilling Recipes for Valentine’s Day 2021

6 Romantic Grilling Recipes for Valentine’s Day 2021

Cupid’s arrow has hit our hearts and made us fall in love… with grilling! No matter your level of infatuation with grilling, you probably have another special someone in your life that you want to woo and amaze this Valentine’s Day. The great news is that you can combine your two loves by making a simple Valentine’s dinner (on the grill, of course) for your Valentine! We have six simple Valentine's Day dinner recipes that are perfect for a lovers’ feast, whether you’re trying to impress a new love or add even more fire to a decades-long marriage.

6 Simple Valentine’s Day Dinner Recipes to Make on the Grill

1. On-the-grill surf and turf

Let’s start this list off strong with a Valentine’s Day favorite… surf and turf. You don’t have to go out to a fancy restaurant this year to indulge in this romantic dish. All you need is a grill, the ingredients, and a big appetite.

First, pick out your meat and fish. For the turf, we typically recommend a thicker steak. Filet mignon is the most commonly used cut in surf and turf, but New York strips are another great option. Lobster tails are traditionally used for the surf portion, but you can also mix it up with jumbo shrimp, crab claws, prawns, scallops, or even some grilled shrimp tacos.

The hardest part about making surf and turf is getting the two entrees hot-off-the-grill at the same time. You’ll want to let the beef rest for 10 minutes before slicing and most seafood cooks quickly, so you should grill the steak first and cook the fish immediately after. We recommend making everything else in advance, like steak sides or a butter sauce for dipping, so you can eat while it’s still hot.

cheese sandwiches

Photo by Asnim Ansari on Unsplash

2. Grilled cheese

Surf and turf is an elaborate meal that’s sure to impress, but what about a simple Valentine’s Day dinner so you can get back inside to your loved one? Grilled cheese is always a fun option, and it will bring out your childlike, playful side for your Valentine’s Day date. All you need is some bread, cheese, and any other fillers you like. For a romantic touch, consider adding fruit to (like apple slices) or walnuts to your sandwiches for a slightly sweeter taste.

We’re also fans of grilled cheese with Monterey jack cheese, dates, and prosciutto for a mouthwatering flavor combo that will have your beloved asking for seconds. For a simpler Valentine’s Day recipe, go for a plain grilled cheese with an array of dipping sauces. The world is your oyster! (Oysters are a great romantic date night treat, too, but maybe not in a grilled cheese…) 

3. Charred caprese salad

Looking for an appetizer or light side dish that’s indulgent, simple, and healthy? Throw mozzarella and tomatoes on the grill and drizzle with balsamic vinegar for a go-to Valentine’s caprese salad.

First, cut the tomatoes into 1/4” pieces so they’re thick enough to grill. Then, brush on extra virgin olive oil and sprinkle salt and pepper on both sides. Place them directly on grill grates over medium-high heat and cook for 2 minutes on each side. Grilling tomatoes makes them sweeter and richer. You can keep the mozzarella slices (also about 1/4” thick) cold, or you can throw them on the grill for one minute on each side to warm and lightly char them. (We love the rich flavor of cheese on the grill.)

Once you’ve grilled your tomatoes and mozzarella, add some basil leaves, extra virgin olive oil, and aged balsamic for a light, flavorful salad that’s the perfect way to start a romantic Valentine’s Day date night.

4. Grilled pizza with balsamic onions, gorgonzola, and figs

This simple Valentine’s Day recipe is perfect for the couple that loves to do things together. For a dinner you can both have fun making, resulting in a sweet and savory meal, you can grill up a pizza with figs and gorgonzola. It sounds (and tastes) like it’s from a high-end restaurant, but it’s not much more complicated than grilling a pizza. Get the recipe for this scrumptious meal from Feasting At Home here.

You can put the pizza right on the grill grates, but you should think about investing in a pizza grill stone so you can easily and safely make pizzas whenever you want. (Trust us, once you try grilled pizza, you’ll never return to baked pizza. The crunchy bite of a grilled pizza crust is unbeatable.) Check out some pizza stones and accessories from Ceramic Grill Store to get the gear you need for a BBQ pizza party.

love strawberries

Photo by Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis on Unsplash

5. Grilled strawberry shortcake

Even a simple Valentine’s Day meal needs an impressive, romantic dessert. A grilled dessert is sure to surprise your loved one, adding a little more sweetness to the day. For this recipe, we’ve got a light and airy treat with angel food cake and sweet strawberries. We love this dessert because it won’t bog you down for the rest of the date, but it will taste just as luxurious as if it came from a 5-star restaurant. Check out the recipe at Cook the Story here.

6. Grilled bananas

A little more dessert never hurt nobody! Grilled bananas work with any sort of Valentine’s Day menu. For a tropical vibe, pair grilled bananas with rum-macadamia ice cream and grilled pineapple (topped with coconuts). For a lighthearted feel, throw some grilled bananas in an ice cream sundae. You can also add grilled bananas, melted chocolate (or hazelnut spread), and some honey on a slice of grilled bread. To make your Valentine’s Day dessert recipe even easier, just serve delicious grilled brown sugar bananas.

Grilling bananas is as easy as one-two-three. First, preheat your charcoal fire to medium heat. Then, slice the bananas in their skins across and lengthwise so each banana yields four pieces. Place the bananas cut-side down on the center of the grill. Grill for 2 minutes (or until grill lines appear) and then use a pair of grill tongs to turn the bananas over and cook on the skin side for about 5 minutes. Remove and serve immediately!

Oh, and don’t forget the wine! Check out these wine and BBQ pairings to help you select the right wine for your simple, yet romantic, Valentine’s Day meal.

Have the Best Valentine’s Day Dinner Ever!

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Is your date looking for a gift to get you for Valentine’s Day? Send them this gift guide to make their life a whole lot easier… and your grilling a whole lot better! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your beloved, and we hope you enjoy the day with good food, great dessert, and lots of love.