Half Drip Pan 14"

Half Drip Pan 14"


Part Number: KAB-DP14.5

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Our brand new Kick Ash 1/2 Drip Pan is designed to catch all those flavorful juices when grilling and prevent coals from flaring up. Aside from acting as a safety measure for grill chefs and preventing food from burning, the Kick Ash 1/2 Drip Pan reserves all the flavor that seeps out of grilled meats and veggies during the grilling process. Use the collected juices as a base for gravy or stock for the most Kick Ash grilling experience imaginable!
The Kick Ash Basket Drip Pan catches all drippings to protect your grill while in use.
Catch grease and other cooking byproducts for less flare-ups and less mess.
Makes for a quick cleanup when cooking with indirect heat
Integrated embossed spacers help to reduce scorching
Half Circle Diameter of 14” and about 1-1/4” depth
Designed for use in grills with at least 2” clearance between cooking grate and heat deflector
Made of sturdy 304 stainless steel
Reusable and dishwasher safe
Product will heat tarnish with use
Orders typically ship next business day

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easy clean up & reduced waste

The Kick Ash Basket Drip Pan will catch anything that falls to protect your grill while cooking. Our reusable barbeque drip trays make cleanup quick and easy when cooking with indirect heat. Dishwasher Safe!

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"Great customer service. Also I have 3 different size eggs and baskets this is my best accessory that I have and believe me I have a lot of accessories.”


"Having bought the Broil King Keg and then buying the Kick Ash Basket I knew right away I did the right thing. Your product is nothing but awesome. Keep up the good work!”


“My 18" and 22" Rings of Fire arrived today. Packaging = top notch, and the rings are military grade works of art! My grilling heart is racing! Thank you!!!!!!!”


"Hey folks - just wanted to let you know how much I love my new Kick Ash Basket. I've had my large green egg for over a year and I've never had the temperature control that I do now. “

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