High-Que Gasket - Primo Oval (Junior 200/ Large 300)

Replace Your Gasket and Upgrade your Grill

High-Que Gasket - Primo Oval (Junior 200/ Large 300)

Replace Your Gasket and Upgrade your Grill


Part Number: HQNXPRL

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Made in the USA. Our adhesive Kevlar and Nomex gasket is thicker and softer than High-Que’s previous gasket strip. Fills in gaps easily and fits snugly; user-friendly adhesive application for your ceramic grill.

Installing your new Primo Oval gasket is easy due to the adhesive gasket material; designed to fit Primo Oval Junior 200 and Primo Oval Large 300 grills. Fits ceramic smokers and grills (base and lid) up to 24" x 18.5" oval or 22" outside diameter with 3/4" rim and original 1/8" felt gasket strip thickness. 12’ long.

Gasket replacement
Durable fireproof material
Custom-sized for Primo Oval (Junior 200/Large 300) Grill
Fits grills up to:
22 inches outside diameter
3/4 inch rim
1/8 inch thick
12 feet long
Bonus chimney seal

upgrade your grill

High-Que gaskets create a perfect seal between the lid and main kettle—keeping smoke and heat locked in during sears and slow cooks.

make your grill more effective

High-Que’s Gold Standard High-Heat Gaskets with Kevlar™ and Nomex™ are more effective than manufacturer provided gaskets. Complete with a 2-year hassle-free warranty.

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