Kick Ash Basket Heat Resistant Gloves


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These heat protectant gloves can be used for all kinds of heat resistant needs with protection up to 932°F! The extra Non-Slip silicone grip is super flexible for comfortable use with safety and ease. This is exactly what you expect from the Kick Ash Basket Brand!

Not for use with Hot Liquids or Steam.
Do not use if gloves are wet.
Gloves Do NOT provide long-term heat protection.
Handle HOT things quickly and safely!

BBQ Gloves Specifications:
Material: 50% Aramid Fibers (the heat resistant stuff typically used in aerospace, military & other Kick Ash applications), 40% Cotton, 10% Silicone....and we have a lot more grippy silicone on the palms for extra heat and abrasion resistance.
Fit: Knitted wrist for a snug fit with a seamless double layer cotton liner.
L/XL Size Only.
This one size fits most.
Rating: Handle items up to 932°F, (500°C) quickly and safely! (see cautions above)

Shake Your Ash Responsibly ....and Safely!

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"Great customer service. Also I have 3 different size eggs and baskets this is my best accessory that I have and believe me I have a lot of accessories.”


"Having bought the Broil King Keg and then buying the Kick Ash Basket I knew right away I did the right thing. Your product is nothing but awesome. Keep up the good work!”


“My 18" and 22" Rings of Fire arrived today. Packaging = top notch, and the rings are military grade works of art! My grilling heart is racing! Thank you!!!!!!!”


"Hey folks - just wanted to let you know how much I love my new Kick Ash Basket. I've had my large green egg for over a year and I've never had the temperature control that I do now. “

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