Kick Ash Can for Various Grills

Ash collection and removal solution

Kick Ash Can for Various Grills

Ash collection and removal solution


Part Number: KAC-9.7

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Simply place Ash Removal Pan under the Kick Ash Basket® inside your Kamado Grill.
Our grilling supplies will significantly reduce the "Pain in the Ash" of clean up.

Fits Grilla Grill Kong, Slow 'N Sear Kamado, Louisiana Kamado, Pit Boss 22" & 24", and Kamado Joe Classic I, II, and III (with the ash tray removed)  Please check the depth of your ash space.  Some grills are deeper than others and the Can will not sit on the bottom of all grills.  However, this will not impact your airflow.

Made from Electropolished Stainless Steel
Patent Pending
Top Side: 7.63" Inside Dia., 9.75" Outside Dia. and 3.25" Depth
Bottom Dia. is 7.25"

Fits spaces below the Kick Ash Basket that are 7.75" to 9.5" in diameter and at least 3.25" deep.

*Please measure the depth of your ash hole and compare it to the can depth of 3.25 inches.  The grills tend to vary in depth

** Kamado Joe Classic:  Does not directly work with the existing ash tray.  You may be able to adapt the tray to work with the can but we haven't seen it done yet.

quicker cleanup and simpler startup

Toss the ash, return the Can to the bottom of the charcoal grill, and you're prepped and ready for the next BBQ. For quicker cleanup and simpler startup—go with the Kick Ash Can.

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every hero needs a sidekick

...and every Kick Ash Basket needs a trusty Kick Ash Can. Just shake that ash, let it fall to the bottom of the grill, and trust the Kick Ash Can to conveniently collect the majority of the fire-clogging ash after every cook.

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"Great customer service. Also I have 3 different size eggs and baskets this is my best accessory that I have and believe me I have a lot of accessories.”


"Having bought the Broil King Keg and then buying the Kick Ash Basket I knew right away I did the right thing. Your product is nothing but awesome. Keep up the good work!”


“My 18" and 22" Rings of Fire arrived today. Packaging = top notch, and the rings are military grade works of art! My grilling heart is racing! Thank you!!!!!!!”


"Hey folks - just wanted to let you know how much I love my new Kick Ash Basket. I've had my large green egg for over a year and I've never had the temperature control that I do now. “

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